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Sierra Traditional Jazz Club

The Jazz Club began in 1973 in Three Rivers as a vehicle for Traditional Jazz bands to visit and perform on designated Saturday nights. At first, one of the founders, Leuder Ohlwein, of the Sierra Traditional Jazz Club, who had moved to Three Rivers from Ireland earlier and formed a jazz band to perform at this new Jazz Club (the Celebrated Jazzberry Jam Jazz Band).

When Leuder left, the rest of the members remained and was called the High Sierra Jazz Band. The Jazz Band, along with the Jazz Club, all through the years, have invited other bands from around the United States to share the Three Rivers Veteran's Memorial stage, whether at a Monthly Club Meeting or at the Dixieland world renowned Jazzaffair in April of each year.

Currently, the Jazz Club meets three times a year and continues the support and promote of Jazzaffair.

High Sierra Jazz Band
High Sierra Jazz Band calendar
Jazzberry Jam album cover
Pieter & band
High Sierra & Walter
Jazzberry Jam band
High Sierra Jazz Band
High Sierra Jazz Band
board members (1).jpg
Don Scaggs & Linda Mckee-Amaral.png

Don Scaggs, Web Designer, and Linda McKee-Amaral, Jazzaffair Director, at the Christmas Party.
Linda is wearing the new J
azzaffair logo t-shirt, which will be available at Jazzaffair April 14, 15 & 16

Chearl McKee & Mike Amaral

Chearl McKee, Jazzaffair Bands Director and Mike Amaral, tending the bar at the Christmas Party 2022

Chearl McKee, Linda Amaral, Earl & Gaynor McKee

Chearl and Linda with their parents Earl and Gaynor McKee,
Chearl is Jazzaffair Bands Director and Linda is Jazzaffair Director.

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