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2023 Scholarships
2023 photo STJC scholarship winners



            Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have been able to award scholarships once again this year.  We know most of you who follow jazz support the young musicians.  The Jazz Club awarded $3,500 to 4 outstanding musicians.  All 4 are A+ students headed to the college marching bands in their respective schools.  They all began playing instruments in the 5th grade and continued on to the Woodlake High School Marching & Concert Bands. We are very proud of the following students.

            From left to right in the photograph:


Adylene Guzman, headed to CSU, Fresno, to become a teacher of music.  She plays bass clarinet and tenor saxophone.  She earned a national band award, is leader of the low woodwind and low brass sections of the band, and has been a key person in keeping the band organized.  She has participated in multiple clubs and sports, holding key offices and honors.


Diego Headrick, heading to University of Southern California (USC) majoring in chemistry & biology/pre-med.  He plays clarinet and is really excited about being in the USC Band.  He also has been in multiple sports, clubs and earned offices and honors.  He is the lead clarinet in the band and was selected to play with the National FFA Band.  He also earned the degree of Eagle Scout in his Boy Scout Troop.


Sylas Allen, will be at Oregon State to major in music, art history & classics.  That school wasn’t confirmed until Sylas made sure there was an active marching band which would accept a clarinet player.  In addition to multiple clubs and Cross Country, Sylas plays guitar and was the lead in the school plays.


Xavier Urtiz, will attend CSU San Bernadino to major in chemistry & biology/pre-med.  He began on the clarinet, but switched to the oboe in his freshman year.  As with the others, he took part in multiple clubs, holding offices.  He was selected for the Tulare County Honor Band, where he held the principal chair.  During the final WHS band concert of the year, he was brought to the front of the stage, where he did an outstanding job performing “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone (arr. By Robert Longfield.)

It’s been a while since we have asked you to look for gently used instruments.  The high school band is hoping for donations for future band students.  During your travels, should you come across one not being used, please consider getting it to us.  Your donations are always tax-deductible since STJC is a 501c3 non-profit.  We thank all of you for your support for our students and for our effort to keep Dixieland Jazz alive.

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