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Nathan's Fearless Five

Nathan's Fearless Five

Nathan Tokunaga – leader, clarinet

Ivo Maringouin – piano

Nicholas Oye – bass

William Knox – guitar

Josh Lin – drums

Saturday: 1:30–2:30 St Anthony; 5:15–6:15 Lions

Sunday: 11:15 AM–12:15 Memorial

From Carlmont High School, this jazz and swing group was founded in 2021 to raise funds for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic and Assistance Foundation - a nonprofit that benefits musicians and, at that time, provides relief after the devastation of Hurricane Ida. The group held a "Jazz for Ida" concert at Carlmont, raising around $1,800. Since its founding, the group has played regular gigs at the Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco (a youth-run, jazz-themed supper club) and the Library. "We love playing for the community, connecting on a more personal level with the audience." When Nathan's Fearless Five was first forming, the group had a coaching session with one of Tokunaga's mentors, legendary jazz musician Clint Baker, and there's no turning back!

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