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WHS Night Band

WHS Night Band
Madeline Burchett (baritone saxophone), Elijah Standlee (tenor saxophone), Julian Pacheco (alto saxophone), Ethan Ottaway (alto saxophone), Hope Harrelson (trombone and vocals) with Ozymandias (our jazz mascot), Christian Pendergraft (trombone), Martin Karplus (trumpet), Joseph Reyes (trumpet), Jai Das (trap set), Anthony Sanchez (trap set), Rebekah Arnold (keyboard), Luis Gomez (clarinet), *Not Pictured* Sam Summers (trumpet)

Sunday: 10–11 AM Memorial 

Directed by Richard McCue, This group of high achievers is eager to show their love for jazz. Every year, STJC gives musical scholarships to Woodlake High School band student musicians, and finally, they have scheduled their calendars to fit in Jazzaffair!

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