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Sierra Stompers

Sierra Stompers

Marc Caparone – leader, trumpet

Howard Miyata – trombone

Nathan Tokunaga – clarinet

Katie Cavera – banjo, vocals

Paul Hagglund – tuba

Gareth Price – drums, vocals

Brian Holland – piano

Friday: 1:30–2:30 St Anthony; 5:15–6:15 Lions Arena;

9:00–10:00 Memorial

Saturday: 2:45–3:45 St Anthony; 7:45–8:45 Memorial

Sunday: 4:15–5:15 Lions Arena

Continuing tradition, the Sierra Stompers are still going strong and celebrating Trad Jazz! Original members Howard Miyata, Marc Caparone, and Paul Hagland bring the hard-driving spirit of the High Sierra Jazz Band, along with a cast of top-flight musicians. Drummer Garth Price adds his vocals while Brian Holland displays his wizardry on piano. Playing banjo, Katie Cavera also adds her sweet vocals, and rising young star Nathan Tokunaga plays reeds, making this a genuinely all-star lineup. The band is considered the best Trad Jazz band on the scene.

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